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Determine Your Bodies Protein Needs

Adequate protein is needed to build and repair muscles. The average American, however, on a typical U.S. diet consumes twice as much protein as is actually needed for good health.

First, excess protein – that which you can’t use for growth and/or muscle repair gets used for energy at four calories per gram. This is the same calories per gram as carbohydrates yield. This is very expensive energy when you compare the price of bread to steak or potatoes to salmon. Also – it takes seven times as much water to metabolize protein compared to carbohydrates sources.

Also, remember that protein supplements and isolated amino acids won’t stimulate muscle growth – only exercise will.

Calculate Your Protein Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)

A Method To Determine If You Have Too Much Fat

If you are trying to control your weight and increase your fitness level, you must know a few things about yourself. Body Mass Index (BMI) is considered an important tool for determining general health risk because it is a better indicator of fat than body weight alone.

Calculate My Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Fat and Lean Body Weight

Since these tests are not being done in a lab, additional indicators may be useful. To stay healthy and safely increase your fitness level there must be a healthy balance between stored fat and lean body weight (mostly muscle). Muscle is metabolically active, fat is not. So, the more lean muscle you have, the more calories you will burn.

Calculate % Body Fat

Ideal Weight and Weight Variations

Researchers are not all in agreement concerning Ideal Weight. Some argue that weight guidelines are too lax because heart disease is so closely tied to being overweight. Others are more liberal and argue that frame size, muscle density and other factors are important in determining the ideal for reducing health risk. Because of the increased health risk for those who store high amounts of fat in the abdomen, other researchers feel that the waist to hip ratio is an important risk indicator.

Calculate My Ideal Weight

Calculate My Weight Range

Calculate My Waist to Hip Ratio

Managing Health Risk By Managing Your Weight

For most people, managing health and becoming more fit means adopting a healthier lifestyle including exercise, good nutrition and the proper management of stress. Many people start with trying to manage their weight.

Most people, when trying to manage their weight, think in terms of losing weight. The irony is that weight management isn’t about losing weight, it’s about burning stored fat and building lean muscle. Muscle is dense. A pound of muscle at rest can burn 45 calories a day, a pound of fat, only 2 calories! The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you'll burn. Even when you’re doing nothing!

It is also important to know that the body burns two types of calories when exercising, carbohydrate calories and fat calories. It’s the speed at which your heart is beating during exercise that determines how much of which type of calories you burn. This is critical if your goal is to burn Stored Fat Calories.

Calculate My Stored Fat Burning Heart Rate Zone

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